Why Not You?

winner-1241543-mWhatever your goals are, you probably know someone who embodies what you want. My best friend’s house has no clutter. Zero. And it’s been that way as long as I’ve known her. I often wish my house looked like hers but the fact is, I don’t put in the effort to make it so.

But there’s no magic to why her house looks the way it does. She works at it every day. She diligently sorts mail, she sets up systems for dealing with her kids school papers and projects, and she ruthlessly gets rid of things she doesn’t want or need. She does the work. And I don’t.Continue Reading

6 Ways To Be Productive Working At Home


If I had a dollar for every person who told me that they could never work from home, I wouldn’t have to work anymore. I’ve worked from home for 13 years and love it. Aside from loving it for its many benefits, I’m also very productive at home. But I do understand why people feel […]

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Tools I Use For Building A Website


Part of the challenge with getting started in internet marketing is not knowing how things fit together. I want a website but I don’t know how to build one. I want to send emails but I want people to be able to sign up on my website. I post a lot on Facebook but I […]

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Who Benefits From Internet Marketing?


I find the fancy terms for Internet Marketing (inbound marketing, content marketing, content strategy, etc) tend to evolve from and churn around in the circles in which those who work with larger companies tend to run. I don’t hear my local YMCA or the mompreneur talk about “social strategy”. They ask how they can use […]

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Tint WordPress Plugin Review – Social Media Aggregator


The Tint Social Media Aggregator plugin for WordPress is really handy. I have a client who was asking for exactly this type of functionality and I didn’t think it existed in a plugin. Not only does it exist, but Tint makes it easy to use and displays nicely. We generally think of our website as […]

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