The Thrill Of Victory

Not surprisingly, my last post was my highest viewed post ever. People really do like it when you speak from the heart and not like a marketing robot.

Almost all good things came from getting that story out. I got a lot of support from friends and family, many of whom had no idea about what had gone on the past few months.

The best part (which I in no way attribute to my little post), is that the Row A team won. I’m sorry, did I say we won? We CRUSHED our opponents. Every one of our candidates beat every one of their candidates, and not by a small margin.

It was awesome. And unprecedented in our town.

While Row A was the slate put together by the Democratic Town Committee, Row A was not all Democrats. We had Democrats, Unaffiliated and former-Republican candidates.


Because they were the best candidates. And because the Republican Town Committee refused to run anyone who wouldn’t toe their line.

A lot of people did a LOT of work to make it happen. Door knocking, phone calls, mailers, social media, public appearances, blogs and editorials all contributed to a strategy set in place two years ago that would bring us the results our town deserved.

Sometimes justice really does prevail.

What Have I Learned?

Looking back to when I ran for the Board of Education and lost big two years ago until now, I’ve learned a couple of important things.

  1. Never overestimate what people know. Our soon-to-be former First Selectman was in the news all the time. He had ethics charges brought against him, a criminal case that was addressed after his election, and committed countless acts of brazen disregard for the town, its wishes and basic logic. Who could possibly have missed all that?? Turns out, most people. The general population is disengaged. Sad but true.
  2. You will forget things.┬áThe old guard did a lot of outlandish shit in the past two years. Tossing a petition signed by over 1,000 residents asking for a town meeting. Ignoring the pleas of hundreds of parents to restore the school budget. I never thought I’d forget any of it. But I did. It’s important to keep track of the story, and then present it in a cohesive way (like this).
  3. Don’t back down. The small but powerful group of people who had taken control of our town were bullies. Plain and simple. They threaten people into silence with baseless lawsuits. They had all the power (HAD) and they did whatever they wanted. They tried to intimidate their dissenters using vague threats (“Payback is a bitch”) and nasty language.

During the campaign, a friend said to me that the best way to deal with a bully is with a strong punch in the nose (metaphorically speaking). That was true.

You have to speak up when you see something wrong, whether it’s happening to you or to someone else.

Mostly, I’m glad it’s over. With any luck, I won’t have to hear, read or see anything from that small, controlling group again.

Victory to Row A!

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