The Single Biggest Problem With Most Internet Marketing Campaigns

camera-lensI’ve been doing this for a long time. I started in the internet marketing field before there was Google (we had Alta Vista – anyone?) I’ve been doing this before there was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and iPhones. I’ve seen a lot of internet marketing campaigns in my 19 years.

You might think that the big issues would change with the technology. But they haven’t.

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What Drives Work


I’ve always been interested in what drives people to do the work they do. Many (most?) people have financial need at the base of their reason for working. But there has to be more than that. There are all kinds of jobs and at some point, each of chose one. Why do we choose the […]

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Why Wishy Washy Doesn’t Cut It


Be honest with me. Are you wishy washy? Indecisive? A fence rider? Not sure? Let me help you. You are. Being wishy washy is a real problem online. Whether you use the phrase “personal brand” or you prefer the less-inflated “reputation”, people want to know YOU. Who are you? What do you like and dislike? […]

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Things You Shouldn’t See At The Doctor’s Office

Going to the gynecologist’s office is no picnic, let me assure you. If you’re a man and don’t know firsthand, turning our heads and coughing would be a welcome experience compared to the annual gynecological check-up. A gynecological exam requires that you take everything off and allow someone you hardly know to view and feel your […]

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The Sick Day

We parents dislike the sick days. Although this particular sick experience pertains to my younger daughter, we don’t really relish being sick either. Most of the time, we still have to get up and get things done. But when it comes to a sick day for the kids, this is how it usually goes.

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