About Me

Laura Orban

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a wife and a mom raising two awesome, strong daughters (and two large, overly-friendly rescue dogs).

The Professional Stuff

For 20 years, I worked as an internet marketing consultant. Most of that was for IBM with my clients being internal brand and business unit teams. I moved on to do some independent consulting, working with a variety of companies and individuals.

The Personal Stuff

Historically, I have been a compulsive volunteer. I have always found it difficult to keep my hand at my side when someone was asking for help, especially if it was something I knew I could do.

I am currently focusing on two volunteer projects. I do work for my local Democratic Town Committee, something I’ve been a part of for many years. I am also a new Coach for Odyssey Of The Mind, a fantastic and creative program for kids.

I love writing, making new things (from websites to knitting), documentaries and non-fiction of any kind, and my Scrub Daddy.

I share my home with my husband, children and our two large dogs, both rescues. I would like more dogs, but was recently advised by my best friend that continuing to bring it up was not being a team player (my daughters want more dogs too, so guess who the odd man out always is?)

I enjoy my time with family and friends and am proud that my home is the center of activity within my extended family. However I am a true INTJ (I=Introvert) and need time to myself to just not talk. After a few hours of entertaining, I’m done and it’s nothing personal.

You can find me at any of the social media networks linked in the icons above, or you can just contact me.