Protecting An Audience

This post is more for people who haven’t built an audience than those who have, though either may find it useful. Building an audience is┬áhard. Finding your people, getting their attention, giving them useful, relevant information, and keeping them engaged is no small feat. It takes thought, time and a lot of work on a […]

The Single Biggest Problem With Most Internet Marketing Campaigns

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I started in the internet marketing field before there was Google (we had Alta Vista – anyone?) I’ve been doing this before there was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and iPhones. I’ve seen a lot of internet marketing campaigns in my 19 years. You might think that the big […]

Who Benefits From Internet Marketing?

I find the fancy terms for Internet Marketing (inbound marketing, content marketing, content strategy, etc) tend to evolve from and churn around in the circles in which those who work with larger companies tend to run. I don’t hear my local YMCA or the mompreneur talk about “social strategy”. They ask how they can use […]

Who Should Evaluate Your Online Presence?

In the world of digital communications, you have to constantly try things, measure and adjust. The phrase “fail faster” means that you need to test different things to find out what doesn’t work (and what does) quickly. How do you know what’s working? What’s the best way to evaluate your online presence? Let’s start with […]

Why Public Schools Need Internet Marketing

Public schools are where small businesses were 10 years ago. They know internet marketing tools exist, some are dipping a toe in the water but most are not using it effectively. Public schools get a lot of funding from local government. Residents vote on the budget. That means schools’ funding depends on how well the […]