Being Dory

I haven’t written anything that I wanted to get right as much as this post. I hope you will help me. My friends, Chris and Jennifer, have a beautiful daughter named Sydney. Sydney has Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS). I’ll bet you don’t know what that is. The best way to learn is to listen to […]

Things You Shouldn’t See At The Doctor’s Office

Going to the gynecologist’s office is no picnic, let me assure you. If you’re a man and don’t know firsthand, turning our heads and coughing would be a welcome experience compared to the annual gynecological check-up. A gynecological exam requires that you take everything off and allow someone you hardly know to view and feel your […]

A New Direction For My Site

I love doing the work of internet marketing. And I love writing. But I do not love writing about internet marketing. I’ve done it here for a few years and it has never provided me with the kind of satisfaction or creative outlet I’d expect from a blog. So I’m going to try something different. […]

Why Not You?

Whatever your goals are, you probably know someone who embodies what you want. My best friend’s house has no clutter. Zero. And it’s been that way as long as I’ve known her. I often wish my house looked like hers but the fact is, I don’t put in the effort to make it so. But […]

Looking Back and Forward

I don’t know about you, but I find people’s personal New Year’s posts pretty interesting. Since I’ve enjoyed reading many of yours, I thought I’d share my own. Looking Back 2013 was a challenging year for me. There were both professional and personal changes to deal with, some expected, some not. Though it wasn’t always […]