Consistency, Not Perfection

Chris Brogan recently wrote a post about how to create content all the time. That post (which is worth the read) set off a light bulb for me. The idea is that creating content is not about creating something perfect with every post, video, photo and tweet. Instead, think about who you’re trying to serve and how you can best do that on a regular basis.

Many of us will have trouble with the switch in our minds. After all, what you put on the internet is there forever, right? You want to make sure that everything you do reflects your best self. In order to do that, we have to create, edit, revise and review. We have to go over all our content with a critical eye, making sure it is both useful and top notch.

When we think about the relationships we have with friends and family offline, these standards don’t apply. No one is at the top of their game all the time. But most of us treat those we care about with love and respect consistently. Most of us do our best to be helpful to the people in our lives.

Making connections and serving an online audience is not that different. Perfection (if there were such a thing in human behavior) comes at a price. Perfection is not achieved quickly. In the world of the 24 hour news cycle and social media, fast matters.

So how can we achieve all our goals? How can we be:

  • useful
  • consistent
  • high quality
  • fast

We act with the right intentions. We care about true service, not lip service. When we believe that our role is to be helpful to others, and not to create a stage from which to peddle our wares, creating valuable content becomes much easier.

[Image: Maciej Urbanek]

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