Let’s Not Be Friends

When I first joined Facebook, I sent and accepted friend requests from most people that I actually knew. Like most people, my friends go as far back as kindergarten and include people I know from almost every area of my life. My criteria was mainly that I had to actually know the person in real life.

Being Facebook friends isn’t always a great decision.

I have plenty of opinions. And I share them on Facebook. I’m not talking about oversharing or being judgmental. But yes, I post my thoughts on topics like politics and social issues. A lot of people do.

Facebook has given me the opportunity to become better friends with a lot of people.

But if I don’t know you very well, and Facebook gives me insight into your uninformed and possibly biased views, we aren’t going to be besties.

I’ve specifically not friended (or hidden) some of my relatives. Thanksgiving is much more pleasant when I can look at you without remembering everything you’ve said with which I disagree.

To be clear, I’m sure some people find my opinions ignorant. That’s fine. This isn’t about me being right.

It’s about the fact that we have to get along with people in lots of situations. We all have coworkers, relatives, parents of our children’s friends, people we volunteer with, people we used to go to school with – the list goes on.

Sometimes, the best way to get along with someone is not to know them too well. Sometimes not discussing a wide range of subjects is what makes a relationship work smoothly.

So, if I didn’t accept your friend request, don’t assume it means I don’t like you. Assume it means that maybe I do, and I want to make sure I keep it that way.

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