Stupid Comments on Social Media and Forgiveness

On Saturday, a PR executive for IAC was leaving for vacation when she tweeted this: She then boarded the plane for a 12 hour flight during which she did not access the internet. All hell broke loose. The internet was on fire with outrage, and speculation about what would happen to her when she landed […]

What To Do With Multiple Facebook Pages

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself with overlapping or similar Facebook outposts. I say “outposts” for two reasons. One, Facebook should always be one of many places you go to interact with your audience, but never your home base. Two, you may have a Facebook Page, a Group, or even a personal page […]

Problems With The Patch

My dream is that someone from the Patch will read this and actually make it better. If I can’t have that, at least I hope that local government and political teams will get some value from my perspective of what they are really dealing with when they post on the Patch. There are hundreds of […]

School Social Media Policy

Public schools and education are an interest of mine. I see lots of areas where internet marketing tools, especially social media can support schools’ goals. But many schools are not taking advantage of the opportunity social presents. I suspect one reason schools don’t use social media more is that it seems too risky. Will the […]

Why Politicians and Elected Officials Should Manage Their Own Social Media Accounts

Social media continues to have an increasing role in political discussions. As elected officials adopt social tools as part of a communications and campaign strategy, should they manage their own accounts directly? I say, unequivocally yes. There seems to be a few management options of social media accounts. There’s the Presidential option of having an account […]