Why Not You?

Whatever your goals are, you probably know someone who embodies what you want. My best friend’s house has no clutter. Zero. And it’s been that way as long as I’ve known her. I often wish my house looked like hers but the fact is, I don’t put in the effort to make it so. But […]

Quality or Bargain?

Do you want your customers to feel like they got a bargain? Or do you want them to feel like your product was worth the price? We’ve been to Disney twice since having children. It’s expensive. But everything is done so well, we feel like it’s worth the money. Service is impeccable. The attention to […]

On Goal Setting

Are you a goal setter? Do you find the start of a new year energizing and full of possibility? Or do you think resolutions are a waste of time? I’m in both camps. I love the idea of starting new, of brainstorming and visualizing possibilities. I also think that as individuals, it’s important to focus […]