Avoiding The Social Media Echo Chamber

When it comes to spreading information or ideas, social media has a potential problem. Your social networks can be an echo chamber. Consider this. Aside from friends in real life, who do you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? People with common interests, right? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t go out of […]

In Marketing and Politics

I’m quite involved with local politics here in my little town. Like in most places, we have to overcome the challenge of an uninformed and unengaged electorate. We find that not only don’t people know what’s happening in local government, but they don’t want to know. They don’t want the details of the latest Board […]

How To Make Online Ranting Matter

I love my town. But I can’t say that I’ve had my proudest moments over the past few weeks when we elected a First Selectman (like a Mayor) who we soon found out was being charged by a former employer with felony embezzlement and petit larceny. Nor can I┬ásay my proudest moment was when a […]

How To Use Your Local Patch Effectively

I recently outlined some issues I see with many Patch sites. With that said, can you use the Patch effectively as part of a communications strategy, and if so, how? The answer to the first question (can you use The Patch effectively) is, as always, it depends. As with any social site, you need to […]

Problems With The Patch

My dream is that someone from the Patch will read this and actually make it better. If I can’t have that, at least I hope that local government and political teams will get some value from my perspective of what they are really dealing with when they post on the Patch. There are hundreds of […]