School Social Media Policy

Public schools and education are an interest of mine. I see lots of areas where internet marketing tools, especially social media can support schools’ goals. But many schools are not taking advantage of the opportunity social presents. I suspect one reason schools don’t use social media more is that it seems too risky. Will the […]

Quality or Bargain?

Do you want your customers to feel like they got a bargain? Or do you want them to feel like your product was worth the price? We’ve been to Disney twice since having children. It’s expensive. But everything is done so well, we feel like it’s worth the money. Service is impeccable. The attention to […]

Why Public Schools Need Internet Marketing

Public schools are where small businesses were 10 years ago. They know internet marketing tools exist, some are dipping a toe in the water but most are not using it effectively. Public schools get a lot of funding from local government. Residents vote on the budget. That means schools’ funding depends on how well the […]

Levels of Adoption of Social Media for Local Government

How do people get information about their local government? How do they voice their opinion? My town has a town meeting form of government. We have about 16,000 residents, but just a handful come to a typical meeting. Even when the outcome directly affects them, people don’t come. Do people not know about issues or […]