Enough With The “Mean Mom”

You know what I’m talking about. The “mean mom” is the (usually) self-appointed title taken on by Moms when they say “no” to their children, and then tell you about it. It usually comes up when said mom is asking other parents how they handle a given situation. When Mean Mom finds support for her […]

iPod/iPhone/iPad Contract

After lots of discussion, we decided to buy each of our daughters an iPod Touch for Christmas. If you don’t know, an iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone. Because there is no wireless service, you have to be on a WiFi network to access the internet. Other than that, it’s basically the […]

Response From Toughman Triathlon

I received a quick and polite response to my letter to Toughman Triathlon yesterday. Here it is in full: Laura, I appreciate your feedback as it really matters to us what our racers and their families think. No offence was meant by having peelers from the magazine. We thought of it as a goof actually not something […]

An Open Letter To Toughman Triathlon

To The Race Organizers of the Toughman Triathlon, Yesterday I had the chance to attend a Toughman Triathlon 70.3 event. It was a spectacular day. A friend was competing and I went to support him. I couldn’t help but notice (as I’m sure was the intention) the ladies from Maxim magazine who were located between the […]

Skinny Is Not Amazing

I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last 7 months. They needed to go, and I feel great. As I’ve seen friends and family throughout my transformation, my physical changes have been the topic of much discussion. I have been told countless times, primarily by women, that I am “so skinny!” or “tiny!” or “small!” They […]