Who Benefits From Internet Marketing?

I find the fancy terms for Internet Marketing (inbound marketing, content marketing, content strategy, etc) tend to evolve from and churn around in the circles in which those who work with larger companies tend to run. I don’t hear my local YMCA or the mompreneur talk about “social strategy”. They ask how they can use […]

Tint WordPress Plugin Review – Social Media Aggregator

The Tint Social Media Aggregator plugin for WordPress is really handy. I have a client who was asking for exactly this type of functionality and I didn’t think it existed in a plugin. Not only does it exist, but Tint makes it easy to use and displays nicely. We generally think of our website as […]

Stupid Comments on Social Media and Forgiveness

On Saturday, a PR executive for IAC was leaving for vacation when she tweeted this: She then boarded the plane for a 12 hour flight during which she did not access the internet. All hell broke loose. The internet was on fire with outrage, and speculation about what would happen to her when she landed […]

How To Be Yourself

Why in the world would we need to talk about how to be yourself? Isn’t being ourselves the one thing we all know how to do? There’s no doubt that part of what it takes to be successful in social media is a little bit of personality. People want to connect with you. We also […]

Levels of Adoption of Social Media for Local Government

How do people get information about their local government? How do they voice their opinion? My town has a town meeting form of government. We have about 16,000 residents, but just a handful come to a typical meeting. Even when the outcome directly affects them, people don’t come. Do people not know about issues or […]