Tools I Use For Building A Website

Part of the challenge with getting started in internet marketing is not knowing how things fit together. I want a website but I don’t know how to build one. I want to send emails but I want people to be able to sign up on my website. I post a lot on Facebook but I […]

Tint WordPress Plugin Review – Social Media Aggregator

The Tint Social Media Aggregator plugin for WordPress is really handy. I have a client who was asking for exactly this type of functionality and I didn’t think it existed in a plugin. Not only does it exist, but Tint makes it easy to use and displays nicely. We generally think of our website as […]

Setting Up WordPress

I love WordPress. It rocks. It allows a non-developer type like me to create a damn good looking website at an affordable price. I see so many small businesses and non-profits shying away from the self-hosted WordPress site. Some use a free tool (and you get what you pay for) while others pay way too […]