Protecting An Audience

This post is more for people who haven’t built an audience than those who have, though either may find it useful. Building an audience is┬áhard. Finding your people, getting their attention, giving them useful, relevant information, and keeping them engaged is no small feat. It takes thought, time and a lot of work on a […]

In Marketing and Politics

I’m quite involved with local politics here in my little town. Like in most places, we have to overcome the challenge of an uninformed and unengaged electorate. We find that not only don’t people know what’s happening in local government, but they don’t want to know. They don’t want the details of the latest Board […]

Showing Up

Whether you are using the internet to build relationships for personal networking purposes, for your business, for your non-profit or for any other reason, you have to be consistent. You have to be there, day in and day out putting in your time. You can’t drop in now and then for a sprint and expect […]

We Are All Jerks

Organizations big and small are getting in the social media game, even if they aren’t quite sure what their success metrics are. Twitter is integrated into the iPhone’s OS. Our phones have cameras, we can shoot photos and video everywhere we go. We check in. We share where we go, what we ate, what we […]

Four Reasons You Don’t Want To Ask For My E-Mail Address

Last week I saw the teaser for an article that looked interesting. It claimed to provide me with talking points I’d need to win the political debate that was sure to arise around the Thanksgiving table. I came across the article via Twitter and clicked the link. Who doesn’t want to win an argument, right? […]